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Positron offers varied training solutions to meet your needs through webinars as well as accredited courses provided by Applied Professional Training (APT).

Positron Webinars
Designed to transfer basic knowledge of Ground Potential Rise (GPR), High Voltage Isolation, Installation considerations and an overview on Positron products. Webinars are ideal for sharing information across multiple offices in different cities using a web browser. Positron webinars can be tailored to accommodate a customer’s specific training needs and are presented by a Positron representative who is an expert in the field. Multiple webinar sessions are available, depending on the size of the audience.

APT High Voltage Protection Training
Designed to educate participants on the proper application and installation of High Voltage Isolation equipment used to protect telecommunication circuits interfacing electric utility substations, PCS/cell sites, power plants and Public Service Access Points (i.e., PSAP's for 911 call center equipment). Students will learn how HVI equipment isolates critical telecommunication equipment from the potentially damaging affects of GPR during lightning and power fault conditions.

The relative importance of each type of telecommunication circuit used by electric power companies for voice, data, control and relay protection is taught, as well as the adverse effects of circuit failures due to improper protection. Additional topics include proper safety procedures in High Voltage environments, fundamental touch and step potentials and recognizing potential hazards of improperly installed equipment. The training focuses on practical applications, proper design, safe installation and maintenance practices of Positron's Teleline (wireline) and TeleLite (fiber optic) isolation equipment.

APT Training Description
High Voltage Protection for Telecommunications

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