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Positron is a leader in the telecommunications business with over 38 years experience in offering best-in-class high voltage isolation products.

Positron is the sole equipment vendor with technological leadership and core competence in the following areas:

  • High Voltage isolation/protection with a complete line of solutions
  • High Voltage isolation using optical fiber in a copper loop - TeleLite
  • Fiber isolation solution in an environmentally controlled cabinet - TeleLite HVI Pre-configured Unit


  • 50,000+ Teleline isolator circuits deployed Globally
  • Virtually all major US Service Providers (RBOCs and Cellular Service Providers) and Power utilities have standardized on Positron’s Teleline product
  • Excellent customer support and technical support structure in place
  • Market leader in providing high quality, reliable products
  • Positron offers in-house design & manufacturing processes for total product quality management

Positron’s Teleline product supports a large variety of telecommunications circuit types, commonly needing isolation/protection in high-voltage environments such as Power Plants, Cell Sites and E911 locations.

Teleline’s passive isolation system offers highly reliable operation with no electrical or moving parts, safe, long-term, maintenance-free operation as well as equipment and personnel safety.

Teleline has demonstrated field proven Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rates of > 45 years.

TeleLite cards are manufactured with industry standard, Surface Mount Technology (SMT) resulting in highest quality product with minimized use of discrete components, excluding out dated ‘through-hole’ manufacturing techniques. TeleLite uses low-voltage components (3.5 and 5V) resulting in longer component life times and fewer chances of component failures.

Where possible, TeleLite avoids the use of discrete components or analog circuits that make a product more susceptible to temperature variations, especially in isolator applications where the equipment is invariably operated in outside plant, mid-span locations.

TeleLite’s use of digital ASICs with wide operating temperature ranges makes the product very reliable for outside plant operation for guaranteed product functionality.