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Positron Inc.
Established in 1970, Positron is a holding and operating company that develops and manufactures telecommunications equipment for high reliability, critical service applications. Positron Inc. has several high-tech operating subsidiaries in the telecom domain, including Positron Access Solutions, Positron Telecommunications Systems and Positron Investment Corporation. Positron has received two awards for leadership in developing new technologies from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) as well as the Canada Export Award.

Positron Power
Positron develops and manufactures high voltage isolation products to protect telecommunications circuits entering substations, power generating plants and any high voltage area that is susceptible to the effects of Ground Potential Rise (GPR). Positron is the market leader in providing high quality, reliable fiber and copper based isolation equipment that meets the highest industry standards. Worldwide, there are more Positron isolator circuits deployed than any other vendor. Positron is the only equipment vendor in the market to offer a complete line of copper (Teleline) and fiber based (TeleLite) high-voltage isolation/protection solutions.

Positronís suite of insulators testers are unique in the world for testing the health of high-voltage insulators used on live power transmission or distribution lines and are very useful for safety and maintenance purposes. They are an effective and reliable method of determining defective insulators and insulator strings. They detect defects by measuring the electrical field surrounding the insulators. Any conductive defect results in a variation in the electrical field, indicating a defect in the insulator.

Positron Access Solutions
Positron Access Solutions provides a broad portfolio of Carrier Grade solutions for Metro Ethernet, Access Aggregation and Last Mile Access. Positron Access Solutions offers next generation Carrier Grade Multi-Pair (Bonded) Copper and Multi-Gigabit Optical Ethernet solutions with industry leading performances. Its comprehensive product portfolio facilitates migration to next generation IP networks. Positron Access Solutions is a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum.

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Positron Telecommunication Systems
Positron Telecommunication Systems develops and market sophisticated VoIP equipment for enterprise communication and collaboration through communication service providers.

The IP PBX solutions offer small and medium sized businesses powerful VoIP phone systems that combine voice, data and video into one easy-to-use device, also known as Unified Communications. Our solutions allow companies to leverage traditional telephony networks and VoIP in a single device which is controlled and managed via an intuitive web-based management interface.

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