Unité d'isolement autonome ADTRAN Total Reach avec batterie de résérve

The ADTRAN Total Reach Standalone Isolator Unit with Battery Back-up provides high voltage isolation between an ISDN line and the network termination (NT) equipment at the customer’s location. It also provides isolation for an Adtran Total Reach ISDN or Total Reach DDS (Ex: 56K DDS) circuit.

The unit consists of an isolator card mounted inside a small compact enclosure. The enclosure is molded from fiberglass, making it a lightweight, flame retardant product of high dielectric strength. Its fiberglass body limits the possibility of many kinds of infiltration while providing reliable isolation from external ground potentials.

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751233/2A NPLABBBARA ADTRAN Total Reach Standalone Isolator Unit with Battery Back-up Installation Guide

ADTRAN Total Reach Standalone Isolator Unit with Battery Back-up

The standalone unit is shipped with a 10’ PVC insulated 6-pair CMAW cable for connection to the CO’s incoming cable.

The Model #751233/2A is powered by an integrated power supply that accepts voltage inputs of floating 130 Vdc, 48 Vdc or 120 Vac with a battery backup.


Used to isolate ISDN Basic Rate (144kb) NT equipment or DDS circuits (Up to 72bps)


  • The unit meets ANSI T1.601-1992, RC9042A, FCC part 15, subpart B
  • When set to feed battery, the unit provides -50 Vdc, -65 Vdc, -100 Vdc or -129 Vdc on the line to the equipment on the Station side of the card, depending on the jumper settings. The Tip is always positive and the Ring is negative
  • The CO side circuit components are powered from the CO battery feed
  • The unit can operate without battery feed if selected through jumper settings
  • The enclosure resists the infiltration of dust, mist, and water from sprinklers


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