Assemblage de prise ADC à 11 paires d'isolation pour haute tension

The 11 Pair High-Voltage ADC Isolation Jack Assembly, Model # 751969/11 offers quick disconnect facilites on the CO-side of a High-Voltage Isolation scheme. By removing the associated plugs, the remote ground electrical potential is removed from the HVI so it can be serviced safely. When inserted, the white plugs provide 20kV of isolation to the user. The assembly comes with a transparent, molded Lexan cover that is held in place with four screws. The plugs can be removed from the jacks without needing to remove the Lexan cover. The Lexan cover should only be removed for wiring purposes.

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751969/11 11 Pair High-Voltage Isolation ADC Jack Assembly Installation Guide

11 Pair High-Voltage Isolation ADC Jack Assembly


  • Wire-wrap connections onto heavy gauge gold pins for excellent, long lasting connections
  • Transparent Lexan Cover permits viewing of connected pairs, but prevents finger-incursion
  • White Plug provided 20kV of isolation to the remote ground potentail gold wire-wrap pins
  • 11 Pair High-Voltage Isolation ADC Jack Assembly is mounted on a plexglass plate with screws for attachement to a plywood backboard during installation


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