Positron Power Isolator

Power Isolator

The Positron Power Isolator enables the safe delivery of power to a remote location while ensuring isolator from surrounding high voltages of voltage surges.

The Positron Power Isolator is a system for delivering high-voltage isolated regulated 100 W @ 48 Vdc up to 2,000 feet away from a voltage source typically located at a power substation. Positron’s Power Isolator technology provides a source of power to drive field electronics free from any direct remote ground reference anywhere on or off of the substation ground grid, even if used inside the Zone of Influence. This means having a power source that is immune to sudden high-voltage disturbances and GPR events. The isolation system withstands surges of 50kV rms and 70kV peak.

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Output Unit 725610 Input Unit 725611 Installation Guide
Power Isolator


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