Ground Potential Rise Services

Positron’s Ground Potential Rise (GPR) specialists use the latest in measurement technology to establish the real parameter values to use in the GPR calculation. Since real values are used, the resulting GPR figures are more accurate and defendable. When investing in Positron’s GPR services, you can rest assured that you will get real data instead of approximate numbers that can end up costing many thousands of dollars unnecessarily and potentially cause major delays in service provision.

THE BENEFIT: Knowing the actual GPR is very useful and can lead to significant cost savings and less disruption and civil works. The GPR of most sites is less than the 17kV threshold above which costs escalate. Positron’s GPR services yield accurate data, save money and minimize disruption. These services provide real value and can be done quickly. In the majority of cases, this will result in much lower facility and infrastructure costs, and an excellent return on an investment.


    We have learned from over 1,000 GPR studies that:

  • Less than 10% had GPR’s over 17kV
  • In over 80% of the cases the actual GPR was less than the GPR derived from purely mathematical calculations based on the ‘standards’
  • In many cases the actual GPR was less than 50% of the calculated GPR
  • Significant costs were saved


Positron Power’s services leverage Positron’s 40 year history of industry involvement and active participation in professional bodies such as ATIS and IEEE. Positron offers all of the services required for high voltage environments such as GPR/ZOI studies, Telco HVI submittal forms, planning, project management, installation of high voltage isolation equipment, safety/lightning issues analysis, new circuit turn-up and audit of existing installations.

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